Why and How I Spend Time

by Stephen Pasquini on March 30, 2013

People tell me I am wasting my time.

People tell me it is all about money, that time is money and unless we convert time to some tangible, or “monitizable” we are just wasting time.

But the world is changing rapidly. We can connect in ways I never dreamed. The push of “publish” can change somebody’s life, we can affect people in ways we were not able to just 5 years ago.

And as the industry changes so should we. Profit will come not from demanding payment but from letting people pay you.

But you have to spend the time, and you have to be willing to work for free and you have to give in order to receive.

I received this email today:

Message Body:

Hi – I posted many responses to various blog articles today, and found this button to contact you. I am SO glad I cam upon your site today. I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to write a draft of my personal statement. Although I know I have a lot to offer, I dont feel that way when I am writing the essay. I would like to get your feedback, as well as to become a mentee. My biggest fears are/were 1) how will i pay for this and 2) what if I dont get in the first time around?

Your blog posts helped me understand and come to terms with that possibility, as well as the GRIT factor 🙂 I am a first generation American and being involved in global health initiatives has always been of interest to me. I visited your other site PAs for Global Health, and I feel just from visiting your site today, that I have mapped out a great deal of my career intentions as a PA. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do to maintain this site and present such relevant content.

As someone who went to an Ivy league school and still does not feel adequate, your posts speak volumes to me about looking for a person, and not a number. I am interested in NHSC, and serving in primary care/family medicine. I truly would be so honored to meet, speak , or even read a response back from you about PA trajectory – I am sure you have NO time for coaching and consultations, but I am willing to invest that time and money because of the valuable information that I have gleaned from your site in such a short time. Many blessings to you and your family – you are a great healthcare provider, educator, and humanitarian. I aspire to be that as well.
With a hug and a smile, Lina

It is in these moments of connection, after we have “exposed” ourselves for the world to see, that we can find the essence of what makes us truly human.

And for those who doubt the innate potential of human kindness and generosity you are skeptics of your own regard.

Give, give until it hurts, and God’s message of love will poor through you, and in that you will find peace, and contentment!

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