The Decemberists

by Stephen Pasquini on December 10, 2017

It was a nice quiet weekend spent with the family.

We did what the US government wanted and predicted we would do. We shopped. We bought middle-class items for our middle-class home and our middle-class family: Lacrosse stick, kids ski goggles, ski gloves, a $300 Costco run with the predictable staples – toilet paper, tissues, two huge ass head and shoulders bottles and of course some Kirkland brand Prilosec. And if that wasn’t enough, to top it all off “literally” we purchased a rooftop cargo box so that we could hall all our stuff. Mission accomplished.

Despite all this consumption, we found time enjoy being together as a family. We bought our Christmas tree at a street side lot in San Jose. It is small but has a lot of character. And it was only $25, a big win in the savings department.

On Sunday, I took a quick spin up to the UC and down in time to make it to church where the pastor spoke about challenging bible verses that promote slavery or seem to encourage man’s dominance over women. These bible verses make me cringe so I was delighted to hear it being tackled head-on. He introduced me to a new website God’s Imaginary which wasn’t nearly as sensational as the title led me to believe it could be.

And now I am headed to bed. Lucca just came in crying because he had a bad dream, so I heald him for a few minutes. Layla spent the afternoon preparing for her upcoming production of the musical Footloose.

Tomorrow it’s back to work.

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