April 2010


April 25, 2010

I read this today: Bill Gates alone has as much wealth as the bottom 40% of all U.S. households combined. That means that if 40% (the bottom 40%) yes that is almost half of the entire U.S population put all their money into a single bucket that amount would be equal to Bill Gates’ net […]

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Inside Job

April 23, 2010

PRESS PLAY TO READ THIS BLOG POST This is from last weeks episode of This American Life, it is truly radio journalism at it’s best. I listened to it on my way to work and just couldn’t believe my ears. The Episode is about a hedge fund by the name of Magnetar who created CDO’s […]

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Some Thoughts

April 21, 2010

So about 9 months ago, I came across the idea of minimalism. I guess this is not really a new idea, well, obviously since minimalism would come before consumerism, but the idea that less is more became not just an idea but part of my identity.  Maybe it was the economic downturn that really put […]

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Spring Revealed

April 19, 2010

  We had a great weekend. The entirety which was spent outside. We frolicked with the family up at Meder Street Park, where Layla had me imagining again what it would be like to be little and have grass reach above my head, it must be a mysteriously outstanding world I thought. There is a […]

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Tech Talk

April 17, 2010

  I am writing this on the new scribe-fire extension for Google Chrome, and since I am king of a dork I am extremely excited about this. I was equally excited about the fact that chrome (my favorite web browser) had decided to allow extensions. These little things were the best part of FireFox when […]

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My Bucket List

April 7, 2010

I was reading an interesting blog the other day by Sean Ogle who writes location 180.  For some reason I have been reading all these blogs lately by interesting people who have taken their lives and their businesses all around the world. They have left the mainstream to pursue an “unorthodox” existence. Maybe it is […]

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