January 2012

Dare to Share

January 22, 2012
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It seems like everyone is worried now a day’s about their work being unrightfully shared. And in fear they sit, afraid to do anything, afraid that their work will be copied without their permission. But I think it is like this: There is only one original of every Picasso painting the rest are all prints. […]

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January 8, 2012

Who is: CARLOS SLIM (Besides the Richest Man in the World)? Check out the entire Infographic!

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Showing Up, Being Present, Being Attentive

January 7, 2012

People ask me what it takes to be a good father… my answer: Showing up. And it is not just showing up in the physical sense, but being present and being attentive to your children’s needs. Three things… 1. When I show up every day, I’m iterating on my passion. Which in this case is my children. […]

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Privates Beach: Santa Cruz California

January 6, 2012

This is a view of the exclusive “privates beach” as taken from my iPhone at low tide.. unfortunately there weren’t any waves to be ridden. Privates beach is located in Santa Cruz California off Opal Cliffs drive. It is a great longboard spot guarded from the general public by an (impossible to scale) steel fence. […]

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The Resolution List – 7 People One List – Year 2012

January 1, 2012

This list was compiled by 7 people on New Years Eve 2011. They were placed in an anonymous jar and read aloud (while dancing of course). We tried to guess the creator of each.. I had the papers in my pocket this morning and thought I would compile them here so we can check our progress next year. […]

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