God put me here for a reason and He has a perfect plan for me

by Stephen Pasquini on April 3, 2014

There was a boy, around eight years old, wearing a black shirt with this written on the back: 

“God put me here for a reason and He has a perfect plan for me.”

I don’t know, but it just seemed that, if the T-shirt is true, then God is not a nice guy. 

I know there are kids born into this world who have terrible lives, who were just born into unfortunate situations—kids who die young of cancer, starvation, abuse. 

There are kids who are disfigured or caught in the middle of wars. 

Kids are born without homes or parents who love them.

Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy, but it just seems that, if you really believe that God has chosen a special life for you, then you are failing to see the rest of the world. 

It’s an egotism of sorts to think that God planned out your life when there are billons of people on this planet, many living in horrific conditions.

– Excerpt From: Mitchell, Deborah. “A Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids without Religion.” Sterling Ethos

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