May 2013

Books I’ve Read Since January of Last Year

May 25, 2013

These are the books I read since last year.  Actually physically read on my tablet, hardback, and paperback.   I listed them below.  I found a favorite author, Chris Crutcher.  I’ve read quite a few of his books.  Seneca suggests we find writers than move us and make us want to read them over and over.  […]

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I Used To Be Awesome!

May 23, 2013

We start out in life thinking that we’re awesome. We can dance in public as 5-year-olds and not care what others think of us. By the time we’ere adults, that’s been driven out of us. by peers by parents by the media by embarrassing situations As adults, we doubt ourselves. We judge ourselves badly. We are […]

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May 21, 2013

I ran across this video from a movie (Don’t know the name of the movie) and have sat on it.  Finally decided to post it.  It’s called America Is Not #1.  The actor is responding to a student who must have asked why America is the best country in the world.  There’s some bad language […]

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Santa Cruz and It’s Homeless – Attack Poverty, Not The Poor

May 12, 2013

In recent months, it has sometimes been suggested that compassion is inviting problems into our community, that if only we were meaner and less generous, the homeless, criminals and drug addicts would go away. This view is problematic for many reasons. For one thing, the evidence does not support it. It simply is not true […]

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