September 2011

What six years of blogging has taught me about blogging

September 29, 2011

I love on occasions looking down the list of my archived posts. It is something I rarely do. And there is probably good reason for this. I am listening to Sarah Silverman’s book “The Bedwetter” and she talks about how most of what is in a diary is boring and useless drab. Self flagulation at […]

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September 24, 2011

On our trip to Oregon I fell asleep with both of my children tucked up tightly under my arms. I was reminded at that moment what life was all about. It is in the wake of the day, in those slow quite moments that the best of life is revealed. I suppose that when my […]

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Be a Dad, NOT a Friend

September 3, 2011

Being cool and your son or daughter’s best friend is NOT the way to be a good parent or get close to your children. Children want parents who guide them and not a friend.  That’s what kids their age are for.  You can be friendly with your child and do things with them, but you […]

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Listen to Your Children–They Speak a Foreign Language

September 1, 2011

Just like adults, children don’t always say what they think.  They either shade the truth or act out and expect us to understand what they are saying. For example, when children are tired they usually don’t say they’re tired and want to go to bed, they get fussy, scream, cry, and any number of other […]

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