January 2008

Who Will Cry When You Die?

January 29, 2008

My one hour and twenty minute commute has created something that was unexpected: A time for reflection and learning. After completing grad school, I had failed to even consider opening up a book, in fact I usually found reading to be a profound waste of timeā€¦ how profoundly wrong could one man possibly be? I […]

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Stop the Noise

January 18, 2008

My sister and I talked on the phone for a while tonight. It is always good hearing her voice. She has so often been a voice of reason in my life, and I am truly blessed to have her in my life. I can say this without any hesitation: that of all the people in […]

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Thank Heaven for LIttle Girls

January 16, 2008

Taking in the sun, taking time to find peace in those quiet moments. A walk, lots of smiles, a few shed tears, sand in toes, wind in hair, and most of all food in belly. We had a great weekend, and as my baby daughter grows so does my heart, taking time to enjoy the […]

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surfin babe

January 15, 2008

13wks (I think) Mom and Dad have lost count I had a great time with Mom and Dad this weekend. Sunday we took a long walk from Pleasure point to Capitola and I slept the whole way. I woke up in a new spot and the aroma of coffee filled my nostrils! I love coffee, […]

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Oh' Hillary

January 13, 2008

I panicked while driving home last night, for a moment I began to think Hillary just might be the right candidate for President. Anybody who knows me would have been sickened by now hearing me expressing my uncanny love form Mr. Obama. What happened??? I am loosing it I thought. And then I thought if […]

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Bowling Balls

January 10, 2008

Age: 12wks 4daysWeight 12lbs Well, mom weighed me in at the new mom’s group again and I am officially the size of her bowling ball 12lbs! She says it’s time to take me to the bowling alley now, I’m not too sure of it though, I haven’t even mastered turning over yet.This week the house […]

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A Day in the dark

January 7, 2008

3mths Today!Nick names Mommy and Daddy have given me so far : Little Gremlin, Potato, Ms Bobble Head Friday a nasty storm went through and our power went out for 24hrs! Mom was bored to tears. I thought I was entertaining enough, but I guess she wants someone to speak English occasionally to her throughout […]

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