February 2008

Gone baby Gone

February 21, 2008

I just finished the movie “Gone baby Gone”. It was an excellent film. I am watching the credits roll, the somber music the fire and my blankly. Because it is quiet the clock is ticking in the background and I am thinking about sleep it is a nice moment to write my thoughts on the […]

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A Week in Recap

February 20, 2008

17wks 13lbs 3ozNew Nick name: Bubbles (thanks Grandpa) I had a wonderful week with Grammy and Grandpa Brown. I picked them up from the airport and then proceeded to cry alllll the way home. Mom always wondered how long I could cry. She still doesn’t know because we didn’t drive long enough to find out. […]

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On the Move

February 13, 2008

4mths 2days Today was huge in the way of milestones! I turned over! Yes, I really did it. There I was playing on my tummy, Daddy nugging me over and Grammy encouraging me. But of course I couldn’t do it just for them. After all I had to consider Mommy and Grandpa’s feelings too, so […]

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Social Butterflies

February 8, 2008

15 wks 3days12lbs 12oz Sorry I haven’t written for so long. Mom grounded me from the computer because she says I’ve been waking her up every two hours for the past 3wks. Finally, I’ve gotten better over the last three days so she says I could write again. For all those who don’t believe it’s […]

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It;s a Blog eat Blog world

February 1, 2008

I have spent tonight, instead of writing in my blog, enjoying those of my friend Jenn Sagel and my dad. I really enjoy this form of written word, and obviously others do as well, just look at the popularity of the blog and its ubiquity on the internet. I think in the upcoming years the […]

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