June 2009

So much for my six blogs

June 29, 2009

well, at least I wrote three. I guess someday I will finish my Peru blogs. it was a nice night for a walk tonight, the air was cool and the sun was out. We ate huge burritos at Taqueria Vallarta, and Layla made googly eyes at the couple in the seat next to us. We […]

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n Retrospect: 6 blogs, in 10 (or more) days. …. #3

June 11, 2009

ohhhh the smell of tea in the morning. I never thought I would say this, but, when their is a mucus icicle dangling gingerly from the tip of your nose, a hot pot of water and a sip of tea makes everything better. The final hike into the city of Aguas Calientes was easy. We […]

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