October 2011

The Twenty Four Hour Father

October 28, 2011

My son changed the heading of our blog to 20 4 Hour Father and I thought maybe I should talk about that. I think about both my children often during the day even though they are now grown.  But when they were kids my wife and I often talked about them and what we should […]

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50 Year Class Reunion

October 26, 2011

Hard to believe that it’s been 50 years since I graduated from high school.  Doesn’t feel like 50 years.  It seems like the other day I was practicing and playing football at St. Mary’s High School.  I played the first game on that football field as a freshman and saw the first varsity touchdown by […]

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What is Fate?

October 20, 2011

I am not sure what to write about tonight, I just feel like writing. It has been a good week. You know what actually it has been a great week. I love it when family is around. I feel like I am in one of those very positive TV sitcoms like the Cosby show where […]

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Giving Your Kids Unconditional Love

October 16, 2011

Refer to the Seven Most Important Fathering Skills for previous blogs. Unconditional love should have been in my list of seven most important fathering skills, but in life, new ideas (or old ideas in this case) come along and surprise us.  It was while watching my son and daughter-in-law working with their children (4 and 18 months) […]

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The Seven Most Important Fathering Skills I Learned in My 36 Years as a Father

October 11, 2011
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Stephen asked me to start our first post by listing what I think are the seven (7) fathering skills I thought were the most import skills I learned in my 36  years as a father,  teacher, and coach. Here’s my list of seven

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Children Should Be the Most Important Person(s) in Your Life

October 2, 2011

The statement sounds good in principle and is, except that to do what is best for your children, you must also take the time to be good to your spouse.  Don’t forget, it takes a village to raise a child. So while children need to be the most important person(s) in our lives, we must […]

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Two Men One Blog The Sky is the Limit

October 1, 2011

A cup of Joe in the morning, two generations with laptops open and eyes glued to the new days’ creations. This is how you start a day… And if you can it should be how you end it. I feel most alive when I am creating. When I was in college I used to dream […]

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