For What?

by Stephen Pasquini on March 21, 2014


There was a time in my 20’s when each day seemed filled with endless possibilities.

Where each moment built systematically upon the one before it.

Orchestrating something which resembled music.

A symphony upon which dreams were built.

Choreographed by God himself?

Now each day seems monotonous / monotonous / monotonous, windless, effortless doldrums.

In which I sit waiting for the next breeze to come and fill my sails.

I am on the path of least resistance.

A plane running on autopilot.

Selling my time, and my soul to the lowest bidder

The world would like me to wait.

But for what?

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Hi I’m Stephen and this is the Pasquini Family Blog. This project began as a personal blog in 2005 but I hope that it may grow into a living family history. Life as I have experienced it is so rich with beauty and meaning. There is so much to experience, to feel, taste and touch. I am overwhelmed and in awe of our choices we have every day, in gratitude for what I have been given, in search of meaning.

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