Design and Totally Random Thoughts Late at Night

by Stephen Pasquini on August 10, 2013

I spent the day designing two website, or I guess I should say re-designing.

I love this part of online work. The problem is I tend to get caught up in this, maybe it is just a distraction to the often more painful and complicated task of writing.

We spent 10 days with the grandparents and had a great time. We took the kids camping, hiking, swimming in the river, horseback riding, fishing, boating… No wonder I am tired.

And I even took a day alone on the N. Coast of Washington to work and write.

This alone time is sacred, maybe it is a waste of time to sit and write. Maybe it’s just a feedback loop of self analysis and contemplation.

The web work is often quiet and solitary work. But it is a bit like creating the Mona Lisa, except it will be lost to space and time, this is the problem of bytes and bits.

When I came back home my Desktop wouldn’t do anything. I pressed the power and… nothing.

Found an article about using a paperclip to short the power supply and test to see if it was transmitting power to the motherboard. So I pulled it out and tested it… and nothing! So I went to best buy threw in a new power supply and here I write. Awesome how that worked.

Spent a day at the beach surfing at Oswald with the family as well in Oregon. The water was brisk, but I had so much fun.

feeling the need to find some better purpose for 2014. Will see I guess how this transpires.

Some up and comings and doings and things:

  • Excited about Haiti, will be bringing Wendy’s Cousin along for the ride and meeting Wendy in the Dominican Republic.
  • Booked the car out again on relay rides, for another 10 days of passive income. Picking it up tomorrow
  • Started a new account on Lending Club and I am investing in Peer to Peer Loans.
  • Thinking it would be cool to start “Peer to Gear” a website for sharing stuff like surfboards, tennis rackets, etc….
  • Working on finishing my auidoblog series… too much on the plate. Plus I need to finish two books.

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