Bowling Balls

by Stephen Pasquini on January 10, 2008

Age: 12wks 4days
Weight 12lbs

Well, mom weighed me in at the new mom’s group again and I am officially the size of her bowling ball 12lbs! She says it’s time to take me to the bowling alley now, I’m not too sure of it though, I haven’t even mastered turning over yet.
This week the house is a mess again. Mom and Dad finally decided to finish the painting and of coarse the weekend is over and it’s still not done, just a lot of plastic lying arond. The ceilings look great though. I love looking at ceilings, so many big boobs in the sky! Mom tells me people are starting to read my blog and I think that is great! Here’s a shout out to Grammy and Grandpa in Washington. I miss you guys and hope you’ll visit soon. I’m getting so big and I’m more entertaining now. This week my arms are getting stronger and I love shoving stuffed animals in my face. It really makes Daddy laugh. I’m also more content just sitting on someones lap and looking around, especially at new places. I’m not sleeping so hot any more, but still managing to get 6hrs of sleep at a stretch at night and I love my morning naps. I’m so big now, Mom has had to retire some of my cloths. I’m growing into the 3-6th month cloths. Some of my nb sleeper are just too short now. Well, I’ve got to go for now, I like writing in my sleep and I’m starting to wake up. Time to play, or drive Mom crazy I”ll have to see which one I choose.

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