Blogging and Other Thoughts, January 2013

by Stephen Pasquini on January 22, 2013

I can’t believe how things have changed and advanced over the last year.

The bar for content creation has been lowered to a degree that anybody can do it. Never has there been a time in the world that it is easier to publish, whether via blog, e-book, photo website or retail seller.

How this will affect the world in the coming 3-5 years will be fun to see.

Being able to share an idea is valuable. As information becomes cheaper, and ever more accessible, people will be smarter in ways that is hard to quantify. The advent of virtual, mobile information excites me. I can’t believe how much my iPhone has changed my life.

In the web world things are becoming much more streamlined and proficient. I am writing this from a dashboard that allows me to manage multiple sites from one place. I can update plugins, answer comments and post all from a single user interface.

This is a game changer. And in my opinion is just another reason when it comes to the web WordPress is where it is at. Not just as a blogging platform, but as a web platform.

My dad will be self publishing his book via Amazon and he has already received a user review. The market here is not even close to saturated and I still believe good publishing will be rewarded in the end. It is no longer controlled by the big players. The best content will rise to the top and user demand will drive innovation and interactive content.

The prize will surely go to those who can accurately and seamlessly combine information with technology. In ways that teach through simplification and interactivity with the pricing structure of the internet: i.e the cost of web connection. Tools like the new Raspberry Pie computer are so cheap it blows my mind.

Anyway, it was  a good Martin Luther King Jr. weekend after I blew off my funk. I was in the water for 2.5 hours yesterday and we had a wonderful day with the family in San Francisco on Sunday. Thanks to Wendy for planning and making it all happen we got free tickets to the aquarium through the library. We listened to music on pier 39, Layla danced like her toes were on fire and pleased a crowd of close to 100.

Lucca joined in as well. Watching them shake their hips brought me so much joy it is hard for me to put into words.

Putting them to bed last night, and feeling their tiny little bodies wrapped in my arms reminds me of the joy of fatherhood. At times it is a lot of work, but nothing beats the love one feels in such moments.

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