A Modern Discourse on Life: Discourse I – On the Treatment of Others

by Stephen Pasquini on December 15, 2012

I. On The Treatment of Others:

by: Stephen Pasquini

We must make learning our greatest priority in all things. This includes people.

We should not judge one another, but seek to make learning our goal. When you feel the need to judge I ask that you stop and learn instead.

If someone treats you poorly, do not judge, the action, but think about it. You may need to remove yourself from the injustice first. But once removed think about the action, and then learn about the person. 

Observation without contemplation causes one to revert to the primordial lizard brain.

Humans are complex.  Actions are learned behaviors.  Kind actions represent the advancement of the human spirit, of a mind that has contemplated life. Cruel actions represent the sins of those who go before us.

We must make learning the lens through which we see not just inanimate objects, but the action and inaction of others.

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